me when hayffie canons vs the people who don’t care


me when hayffie canons vs the people who don’t care

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Prompt...Haymitch finds a bunch of Effie's old home videos, watches a few before forcing her to watch the hilarity with him one evening...
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I haven’t wrote in forever, oops. I just needed a break from tumblr and the internet in general so I apologise if this is rusty.

"Thank you for the wig mother, it’s ever so lovely though I’m not sure which of my dresses I could wear it with." The voice of an 8 year old Effie filled the spacious living area of her apartment. Haymitch wasn’t sure why he was here, since the rebellion he only came to the Capitol for meetings. This wasn’t an emergency, on the contrary Peeta had told him that last week was Effie’s birthday and only today had he worked up the courage to actually visit her.

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Be Careful What You Think, Effie (Part 7)



Summary: While wandering around District Three’s apartment during the 70th Games, Haymitch picked up an object and the next thing he knew, he could hear Effie Trinket’s deepest thoughts. Follows the events of Hunger Games all throughout to Mockingjay.

Part 7


No orders were given even as everyone stared at the screen in shock, in horror, in obvious distrust.  Haymitch stood perfectly still as Peeta fell to the floor, spots of blood colouring the screen. His fingers clenched into tight fist before finally, their voices arguing in the background became too much for him to handle.

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It whispers, I can find you. I can reach you. Perhaps I am watching you right now.

I think your grandparents can’t decide what to name your uncle and they are using a fairytale tradition to try to buy themselves some time.


Imagine you and your icon in separate universes, fangirl/boying over each other because you’re from their favorite television show and vice versa. But you’ll never meet, so you’ll cry yourselves to sleep knowing this. Like Rose and the Doctor, but instead of just the wall, there’s a poster with you and them on it.